The signatories of this petition denounce the unprecedented decision of the Appeals Council to extend the pre-trial detention of anarchist Kostas Sakkas for more than 30 months, in violation of every constitutional provision and legal edict. The Constitution (Article 6 § 4) lays down a maximum detention of 18 months, prohibits successively imposing custody and does not authorize lawmakers to legislate differently. Nevertheless article 288 of the Penal Code allows the imposition of new detention for related acts, up to a maximum of 12 months. In the case of Kostas Sakkas, all these limits have been violated: he has been held in prison without trial since 4/12/2010 (31 months), constantly facing new detentions and extensions.

Kostas Sakkas is currently incarcerated in a Greek Guantanamo: although his name did not even exist in the second case file which extended his pre-trial detention and even though any legitimate reason has since expired all relevant statutory deadlines have passed, the judiciary, the state machine and the government continue to extend brutally and vindictively his already years-long incarceration. The entire power system, political and judicial, are using his case to effect a de facto abolition of the pre-trial detention limitations, one of the greatest achievements of our legal culture which serves the presumption of innocence. All this within the context of the CCF* trials, where there are constant attempts to trample on constitutional and procedural rights and enforce predatory penalties as a means of political revenge.

Kostas Sakkas began a hunger strike on 06.04.2013, the day he completed 30 months of pre-trial detention, and his life now in danger. Even if released immediately, some damage to his health will be irreversible, according to the opinions of doctors overseeing his care, since this is the second time he has campaigned using this protest method of last resort.

We demand the immediate release of political prisoner Kostas Sakkas.

We condemn the decision of the Board of Appeals as being in line with the government’s doctrine of ‘zero tolerance’ and as a direct message meant to terrorize all who struggle.

Whatever our political or ideological position, we recognize that in the face of Kostas Sakkas the freedoms and democratic rights of all of us are being tested, in a coordinated recital of state authoritarianism whose victims tomorrow may be each and everyone of us.

Athens July 4, 2013

[*CCF = “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” is a radical anarchist organization engaged in «small-scale attacks»]

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