The arrests of the Golden Dawn leadership is a first major blow to the direct political expression of neonazism in Greece, but it definitely doesn’t address the phenomenon’s deeper roots.

Stripping down Golden Dawn reflects the political system’s crisis and the efforts of the right-wing to reshuffle itself.

Pavlos Fyssas’ assassination and the arrest of its perpetrator accelerated developments, the massive antifascist movement has decisively contributed to the exposure and outlaw of the nazis.

By setting off a severe judicial crackdown on the ‘criminal organisation’ that is Golden Dawn, the government is trying to regain political initiative and reduce the radicalisation of the democratic popular forces that have emerged.

The bilateral government, comprised of Pasok and New Democracy, carry huge responsibilities for the rise of fascism in Greece. They have tolerated and concealed the crimes committed by Golden Dawn members. In some ways, several fascist and racist aspects of Golden Dawn policy stand close to the governmental rhetoric. Golden Dawn’s vulgar expressions against workers and their struggles are nothing but a copy of the mainstream media’s arguments. Golden Dawn has been the aggressive, murderous arm of the government coalition. Wearing an anti-memorandum cloak and using misleading slogans, it was hiding the real reasons behind the crisis, targeting rebellious youth, workers and above all the labor movement’s most militant fighters.

The mainstream media, despite presenting a huge volume of information on Golden Dawn, until now withheld from public view, are essentially obscuring the essence and mission of the neo-Nazi party.

Of course it is positive that the real action of the nazi organisation, the criminal side of its policy and ideology are finally now revealed for all Greeks people to see.

It is yet unclear how deep the legal probe will get and how much will be revealed about Golden Dawn’s connections with the state, the police as well as certain business groups; this will also depend on the political alertness of the movement and the democratic people.

People have memory and judgment. They are aware of the fact that dismantling Golden Dawn does not, by any means, equal the elimination of fascism. Fascism cannot be eliminated by criminal and police prosecution alone. The fascist parties and their undercurrents are only eradicated by the people’s and workers’ movements.

There is no room for complacency. On the contrary, the democratic people must come forward

• the revelation and punishment of perpetrators and abettors of Pavlos Fyssas’

• the revelation and punishment of perpetrators and abettors of the murderous attack against militants of the Communist Party at Perama

• the revelation and punishment of perpetrators and abettors of all racist crimes

• the revelation and punishment of collaborators in the police and the intelligence service

• the dismantling of all repression mechanisms in the police (several groups of anti-riot police), in which the Golden Dawn has concrete connections and links

• the revelation and punishment of the fascist organisation’s sponsors and benefactors

• the isolation of any Golden Dawn voice in all neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and

The Movement for Freedom and Democratic Rights will contribute to the creation of a militant front of struggle against fascism and its thousand facets. To defend the people resisting the policies of the government the EU and the IMF. For the democratic rights and freedom in our time.



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